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Advices and brief opinions about PS3 titles

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Ok, so, I've been pretty busy these days due to exams... to...
Oh well, let's just say there has been nothing worth of being written.
Until now, that is.

This post is basically to suggest some games to someone who just got a PS3, but it can be seen as some random gibberish my personal opinions about some (sometimes not so) good games I've played on this (awesome) system.
But enough with the chit-chat. With the premise that the order is strictly alphabetic, let's start right away:
  • Ar Tonelico Qoga (a.k.a. Ar Tonelico III): I'd suggest anyone not familiar with the saga to just skip this. The innuendos were almost too much even for me, even though plot is not that bad. However, if you do know Ar Tonelico I and II, this is your chance to finish the saga, as AT3 is available only on PS3.
    What I do suggest in any case, however, is to listen to (almost) ALL the hymmnos of the saga, especially the tracks sung by Akiko Shikata. I'll post one of my favourites here as an example of what you can expect:
    Ar Tonelico I - EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY
    (I have to say, choosing only one would be quite hard, so I just linked the first hymmnos I heard and that got me into the series and Akiko Shikata. You could say it's my first love :P). If you think it is good, just know that if you actually know the circumstances around it, it gets even better. If you don't, don't worry about the lyrics being a spoiler because they aren't :P
  •  ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Heavy Rain: Now these are quite unique titles. I'd suggest to simply do a little research about them and see if they might be your cup of tea.
  • Nier: This is simply the most underrated title of the gen. Reviewers probably saw the (kinda) shitty graphics, played it for a few hours, then wrote shit about it. (My and others') truth is: from the technical point of view the game is not the best, indeed, but plot and music are simply top-notch, while gameplay is average. Even though Nier is more like an Action/JRPG, it's definitely a title you wanna play even if you don't particuarly like the genre. You'll end up remembering its characters, story and tracks for a long time.
  • Tales of Graces f: This is a somewhat classical JRPG. I'd say that overall story and music are lighthearted and good, but graphics sure is quite nice and gameplay might be a bit complex at first, but you'll end up addicted to it. It's probably not one of the best titles I've ever played, but it's definitely good.
  • Trine: A very good platform that you can buy from the PS Store. The fastest and most faithful way to describe this would be "A fable made videogame". And unlike Trine 2, it's not especially hard.
  •  Valkyria Chronicles: And here we are at the last title of this short list. Valkyria Chronicles is a SJRPG, combining both turns and real-time action, and quite a bit of strategy (that S at the beginning is there for a reason :P). Mind you: it can be rather challenging, especially on some missions, but I really liked the plot and the characters. Music is nice too.
    (P.S.: Note that Valkyria Chronicles 2 is available on PS Store for PSP/Vita too, but unfortunately I really didn't like it as much).

 Keep in mind that all of the above titles have been cleared by yours truly. There are other titles that I have yet to start, such as: Child of Light, Ni No Kuni, Puppeteer, Tales of Xillia, Okami HD, Journey and others I don't even remember right now. I suggest you do a little research about these as well, as they all seem pretty good.

Okay, that's all. At the very least, I hope I gave you some ideas about what to buy or to focus on :D

P.S.: As of this post, for reasons I won't write (not because they're secret, rather simply because I'm too lazy :P) probably all of my posts will be in English.

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